Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super Performance Flooring: Titanium Durability and Beauty

The definition of superhero: A person or item that possesses superior qualities that benefit many.

There are floors that possess superior performing qualities that increase the quality of life of any who have it in their home.  Here are some superhero floors; all of which are backed with our Titanium Warranties.

Our Titanium Carpet Warranties

Carpet: Relax it's Lee's -

Relax it's Lee's carpet is the best carpet made and that claim is backed by the best warranties in the industry:
  • Our 120 Day Beautiful Guarantee - You have 120 days to decide if you love your floor; if not, we will replace it (no matter the reason), free
  • Our Life of the Floor Installation Warranty - For 25 years, we will stand behind the work of our master installers
  • 25 year Stain and Soil Warranties - Relax it's Lee's carpet, with it's superior stain and soiling technology, is 100% stain proof for 25 years and is easy to clean
  • 25 Year Texture Retention and Wear Warranties - Your Relax it's Lee's carpet is guaranteed not to mat, crush, thin, or ugly out with proper maintenance and care (even superheros need the occasional helping hand) because of it's superior construction

Hardwood: Invincible -

A new addition to the industry's selection of premier hardwoods is Invincible Hardwood: guaranteed to out-perform and outlast:
  • 120 Day Beautiful Guarantee - take 120 days be decide if you love it
  • Life of the Floor Installation Guarantee - the 'life' of this floor is 50 years
  • 50 year Wear and Finish Warranties - this hardwood handles wear better because of it's diamond-strong finish
  • 50 year Manufacturing and Structural Integrity Warranties - with precision manufacturing techniques, quality control is top notch

Flex Floor Vinyl: Titanium Earthscapes -

Earthscapes has the deserved reputation for being a no-worry floor and the Titanium quality level is even more deserving of this reputation.
  • 120 Day Beautiful Guarantee - we promise that you'll love your new floor
  • Life of the Floor Installation Guarantee - we stand behind the high quality work of our in-house installation crews
  • 25 year Fade, Stain, and Discolor Warranty - this floor will not ugly out (and with the stunningly realistic designs, it is a great way to add style to even the most active of spaces)
  • 25 year Wear Through Warranty - it can handle the pressure of any active home
  • 25 year Rip, Tear, Gouge, and Indent Warranty - but we cannot promise that it isn't vunerable to kryptonite

If you have any of these floors in your home, what do you think of them?  How do their superior qualities improve your quality of life?  (P.S. - We'd love to see pictures of them on our Facebook Page!)

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