Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Did You Know] That You Should NEVER Use a Wet Swiffer or Similar Product

Just recently I received a panicked call from a client of ours.  They had purchased a cushion back vinyl floor from us at the beginning of 2011 and their daughter who had visited over the holidays had discovered that it was covered with a grey film.  They thought that it was wearing poorly because their daughter had to scrub the floor for hours to get about half the grime up.

I asked what they had been using to clean the floor because I thought it odd that a quality floor would act that way.  And of course, they were using a wet Swiffer-Jet.  You see, the soap that Swiffer decides to put in their cleaner leaves a soapy residue which just collects dirt, dust, and grime.

So, because they had limited mobility, I decided to go out and help them clean their floor and show them how to properly keep it clean.  Boy, I had NO idea what I was getting myself into!  I spent TWO HOURS scrubbing their kitchen floor (which wasn't a large space) to get rid of about 10 months worth of residue and grime!

So, PLEASE, PLEASE NEVER use a wet Swiffer Jet or similar tool to clean your floor!  Instead, always talk to your flooring consultant on how to best care for your floor and I personally HIGHLY recommend Armstrong's Once-n-Done vinyl and ceramic cleaner!


  1. Thank you for the great tip Katlin! Does this also include the wet swiffer cloths, not just the wet jet? What about dry swiffer on wood floors? Thanks! Kelly Heck

  2. Of course, Kelly! I'm glad you found this helpful. Any Swiffer wet product leave that soapy residue and should be avoided. The dry Swiffer is safe, however.

  3. I was thinking about buying a swiffer wet jet. Could I use it if I put Armstrong's Once-n-Done vinyl cleaner in it instead of the swiffer solution?

  4. Absolutely Janese, it is the cleaner they use that leaves the residue. So if another cleaner is used you are good to go! And the Once-n-Done cleaner is perfect for ceramic and vinyl floors!


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